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Super CashGain Insurance Plan


Super CashGain

A child insurance solution that gives you a steady flow of income to help you meet all your child's needs. Learn More

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Why Super CashGain is the best solution for your child

Your children belong to a generation which offers new and constantly changing opportunities. Some might require big investments, some might require smaller ones. You don't want to feel at any moment, that what I have isn't enough for my child to pursue his dreams.

So we help you put away your hard earned money into fruitful investments which in return promise to pay back fixed amounts at fixed intervals.
Investment in Super CashGain - Child Insurance will help you take on any such opportunities that come your child's way!

Planning Better for Your Child's Future!

Planning your child's future

Plan Overview

Plan Variants

You need to choose your sum assured (life cover) as a multiple of the base sum assured, from the following four (4) plan variants:

  • Silver - with sum assured equal to the base sum assured
  • Gold - with sum assured equal to twice the base sum assured
  • Diamond - with sum assured equal to thrice the base sum assured
  • Platinum - with sum assured equal to quadruple the base sum assured
The surrender value, survival benefit and the maturity benefit will be determined on the basis of only the base sum assured under your policy.
Plan Variants Silver Gold Diamond Platinum
Sum Assured is equal to Base Sum Assured Double the Base Sum Assured Triple the Base Sum Assured Quadruple the Base Sum Assured
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That's not all
Plan Key Benefits

  • Tax Exemption u/s 80(C) & 10(10)D
  • Select up to 4 times your base sum assured as life cover-Super CashGain - Platinum
  • Option to select policy term of 12, 16, 20 or 24 years.
  • Benefit from shorter premium payment term as no premiums are payable for the last five policy years.
  • Get 20% of the base sum assured as cash-back at regular intervals, which you may take as cash or ask us to adjust against your due or future premium.
  • Flexibility to pay your future premiums in advance and avail discounts.
  • Option to
    • Keep your policy in force for full sum assured in case you miss paying your premiums on due dates, provided you have paid at least 3 years' premiums in full.
    • Convert your policy to a "single premium term cover with return of premium (ROP)" policy, if you miss paying your premiums on due dates provided you have paid at least 5 years' premiums in full.
  • Get more value for your money with high sum assured rebate on premium.
  • Optional riders to enhance your protection.

BALIC Claim Settlement Ratio

  • In FY-2013-2014 as on November 2013

    Total Settlement Ratio - 93.04%
    Total Repudiation Ratio - 5.16%,
    Total Rejection Ratio - 1.80%

  • Non-early claims with complete documents are settled within 30 days

  • Image - based processing introduced which has reduced the turn around time for claim settlement

  • Account value is refunded for repudiated Unit Linked policies

  • We pay 10.5% p.a. interest for every day's delay beyond 30 days from the date of last requirement received.

  • We have a very broad based Claims Review Committee to help arrive at best customer resolutions.

Premium Discount

We offer an attractive premium discount to you for choosing a higher base sum assured. Your premium shall be reduced by Rs.84 for every additional Rs.10,000 base sum assured purchased over and above the base sum assured of Rs.100,000 under the plan.

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Plan Parameters

Parameter Details
Minimum Entry Age 0 years (18 years for additional riders )
Maximum Entry Age 65 years (50 years for additional riders )
Minimum Age at Maturity 18 Years
Maximum Age at Maturity 80 years (70 years, for plan variants other than Silver & 65 years, for additional riders)
Policy Term 12, 16, 20 and 24 years
Premium Paying Term(PPT) Policy term less 5 years
Minimum Premium Rs.6,500 per Yearly Installment
Rs.3,250 per Half-yearly Installment
Rs.1,750 per Quarterly Installment
Rs.600 per Monthly installment
Maximum Premium No Limit
Minimum Base Sum Assured Rs.50,000
Maximum Base Sum Assured No Limit
Premium Payment Frequency Yearly, Half yearly,Quarterly and Monthly.
The monthly mode will be allowed for direct debit & through ECS only, and 3 installments need to be paid at the inception of the policy.


Thats not all
What is in it for you?

Survival Benefit

The interval at which the cash backs are received depend upon policy term selected at the time of inception of policy.

Policy Term
(In Years)
Cash Backs
1st Cash-Back
2nd Cash-Back
3rd Cash-Back
3rd Year
6th Year
9th Year
4th Year
8th Year
12th Year
5th Year
10th Year
15th Year
6th Year
12th Year
18th Year

If the policy is paid-up or lapsed, the cash-backs shall not be payable. If policy is in auto-cover, the cash-back will be 20% of the base sum assured less all the premiums due-but-unpaid (to the extent the survival benefit amount can support the premiums due in full) along with applicable interest.

Maturity Benefit

40% of base sum assured + applicable bonus will be the maturity benefit

Death Benefit

Sum Assured + applicable bonus will be the death benefit, in case of unfortunate demise of the life assured during the policy term

Surrender Option

You will have the option to surrender your policy anytime after 3 years, provided at least 3 year's premiums have been paid.

Planning Better for Your Child's Future!

Child Insurance Plan Children are the greatest gift from God and we welcome them with great joy and enthusiasm.... Read More

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Plan Flexibilities

Premium Payment flexibility

  • You may adjust your cash-backs against your immediate & future premium.
  • You may, also, pay your premiums in advance in lump sums and get discount on premiums that are paid in advance.

Planning for a child's future

Here are a few things which one may consider while planning for a child's future: few things which one may consider while planning for a child's future Learn more...

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